Portable exoskeleton of the upper body for work in the field of logistics, construction, shipbuilding, aircraft and automotive industry. Ergonomic design and adjustable locks prevent obstruction of movement. Despite the low weight, the device allows you to lift loads of much larger mass, easing the load on each hand of the operator. And protection against dust and moisture prevents the device from being damaged by specific substances (oil, chips, small particles) or with various variations in the temperature and humidity of the enterprise. The exoskeleton is applicable for long-term work with raised hands: repair, installation, assembly, storage, painting, grinding, welding.
  • Suitable for operator’s weight 50-130 kg, height 145-190 cm;
  • Allows you to lift 1.5 times more weight;
  • Light: just 1,8 kg;
  • Ergonomic design prevents obstruction of movement;
  • Dustproof and waterproof;
  • Easy to put on;
  • No need to charge;

Pilot testing

  • We provide two exoskeletons
    Hoooldy for 10 working days

  • We conduct training
    (if necessary on-line)

  • Exploring the workflow
  • We accompany you at
    all stages of testing

from 40 000 ₽ *

Trial operation

  • We supply two exoskeletons
  • Each additional exoskeleton -
    100 thousand rubles / piece.

  • We conduct on-line training
    for up to 6 employees

  • We provide technical

from 200 000

Efficiency analysis

  • Exploring one workplace
  • Evaluating the increase
    in productivity

  • We study the safety
    of the workplace

  • Optimizing space
    and workflow

from 550 000 ₽ *
* Дополнительно оплачиваются командировочные расходы при выезде одного представителя нашей компании на 2 дня и стоимость обратной доставки продукции.