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«Laboratory of Bionic Robotics» Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences

The team has considerable experience (over 7 years) in modeling the dynamics of mechanical systems, implementing mechatronic drives and robotic systems, creating hardware-software controls with feedback from various robots.

Over this period of time, methods have been developed for parametric studies of the dynamic and kinematic characteristics of complex mechanical systems, a scalable electronic control system. Important results have been obtained in creating a neural-like control system for a compliant manipulator with pneumatic drives, creating position-force control systems for multi-link manipulators, creating exoskeletons and their control systems.

As part of the RFBR grant, mol_a, a rigid industrial exoskeleton of the lower body was developed and created for unloading the human musculoskeletal system when working in static poses.

The project team has laboratory equipment, many electronic components for creating stands and models of robots. In the laboratory, machines for metalworking are constantly available: milling, turning and drilling; there is a certain range of materials. Available for experiments and preliminary testing of the created control systems are the prototypes of a flexible manipulator of our own design ManGo, two exoskeletons of the lower body. There are personal computers with a set of installed simulation programs for the development of dynamic models.



Prior to use, we offer a series of tests to take into account the impact and study of each individual workplace.


Our exoskeletons undergo ergonomic testing to examine the effects on the function of the musculoskeletal system.


An assessment of the economic consequences of use at your enterprise can be carried out before implementation.


We use both computer simulation methods and medical research to evaluate load distributions and dynamic characteristics.


Igor Orlov

General Director

Anton Aliseichik

Technical Director

Philip Baev

Chief Designer

Alexei Podprosvetov

R&D Director

Alexander Volkov

Warehouse Manager

Dmitry Gribkov

Production Director