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Mr. Puller

Portable exoskeleton of the middle body

Портативный экзоскелет средней части тела Mr. Puller

About Mr. Puller

Effectively removes the load from the thoracic and lumbar spine, and, therefore, increases production productivity by reducing employee fatigue.

The design of the device allows several times to increase the carrying capacity. Mr. Puller is most suitable for work in the field of logistics, construction, in warehouse unloading / loading operations.

Exoskeleton belts equipped with just five clasps fit a wide range of sizes and provide quick, self-adjusting. Equipped with dust and moisture protection.

The lightness of the device and ergonomic design reduces the likelihood of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which reduces downtime due to illness at the enterprise.


  • Suitable for operator’s weight 50-130 kg, height 145-190 cm
  • Carrying capacity 4-12 кг
  • Light: just 3.9 kg
  • Comfortable: Exoskeleton straps are adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes
  • Easy to put on: only 5 fasteners
  • No need to charge
Портативный экзоскелет средней части тела Mr. Puller

* Travel expenses and the cost of return delivery of products are paid additionally when one representative of our company leaves for 2 days.


Pilot testing

We provide two exoskeletons
Mr. Puller for 10 working days

We conduct training
(if necessary on-line)

Exploring the workflow

We accompany you at
all stages of testing

from 40 000 ₽*

Trial Operation

We supply two exoskeletons

Each additional exoskeleton - 175 thousand rubles / piece

We conduct on-line training for up to 6 employees

We provide technical support

from 350 000 ₽*

Efficiency Analysis

Exploring one workplace

Evaluating the increase
in productivity

We study the safety
of the workplace

Optimizing space and workflow

from 550 000 ₽*

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